Home Miners’ Life Saver – G1 IoT Gateway

Many mining machines are profitable, but the high power consumption is one of the major costs of mining. As mining gets more difficult, it requires increasingly powerful hardware to be competitive and the electricity cost of a regular mining machine would cost as much energy as your house in a week.

The good news is a high tech mining machine calls G1 IoT Gateway can helps you get rid of the problems.

NOW N HERE Inc., company specialized in selling decentralized ledger supporting hardware in North America launched the first and innovative mining machine that works on the Proof of Connectivity (POC) systems. It is easy to setup and the super low power consumption (under 100 W) is the best option for home miners.

According to the announcement, G1 IoT Gateway is a long life cycle mining machine that goes through environmentally friendly technology which can be last for 5 years. Each machine comes with the connector and the software. Easily install the built in software and connect the machine with the Internet. The machine will automatically begins mining.

The POC systems help G1 IoT Gateway to ensure the home miners’ continued profitability while eliminating risk and reducing costs.  G1 IoT Gateway is a profitable and efficient miner after electricity costs are accounted for.

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